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Ascent Scientific News


Abcam Biochemicals

Abcam Biochemicals is launched; the new name for Ascent Scientific products


Novel Clathrin Inhibitor

Ascent Scientific licenses novel clathrin inhibitors from Freie Universität Berlin, University of Newcastle and Children's Medical Research Institute

Ascent Scientific acquired by Abcam

Abcam acquires Ascent Scientific

Amyloid beta peptide

Ascent Scientific launches Amyloid β peptide isoforms - supporting Alzheimer's research

Dynamin kits

Ascent Scientific Licenses Novel Dynamin Toolkits from Children's Medical Research Institute and University of Newcastle

RuBi compounds

Ascent Scientific first to launch RuBi-Nicotine, a novel caged nicotine research tool

Ascent Scientific assists FBI in TTX case

Ascent Scientific assists FBI with TTX case...


RuBi compounds

Ascent Scientific Launches Novel Light-Sensitive Caged Ligands

Low-Cost Kits

Ascent Scientific launches Low-Cost Kits - convenient sets of glutamate and GABA ligands

FFN511Ascent Scientific Licenses Novel Columbia University Technology for High-Resolution Optical Imaging of Synaptic Activity in the Brain


Ascent Scientific first to launch new water-soluble glutamate ligands February 16, 2009


Ascent Scientific launches first commercial source of VU0155041 - to help research into Parkinson's Disease Tuesday 7th October 2008

New Low-Cost Ligand™ catalogue launched - high quality ligands at affordable prices 3rd Sept 2008

Ascent Scientific launches new Sales and Distribution office in New Jersey, USA 19/3/08

Ascent Scientific first to launch novel potent glutamate agonist - L-thioAP4 17th March 2008


Expert contract research chemist joins Ascent Scientific 18th March 2007

New Low-Cost LigandTM catalogue launched - more ligands at ultra low prices 3/3/2007


Ultra pure, low-cost Ryanodine launched by Ascent Scientific - helping research into heart disease November 13th 2006

Ascent Scientific launches supply of low-cost Kainic Acid - a vital research tool for neuroscientists November 8th 2006

Ascent Scientific launches first commercial source of NR2C / NR2D NMDA antagonist cis-PPDA - to help research into learning and memory 17th July 2006

Ascent Scientific launches new, enhanced website 12th June 2006

Ascent Scientific expands Low-Cost Ligand™ glutamate range - to help research into neurological disorders 29th March 2006

Ascent Scientific launches first commercial source of authentic YM-298198 - to help research into pain 8th February 2006

Expert medicinal and amino acid chemist joins Ascent Scientific 9 February 2006


Ascent Scientific commits to cutting-edge manufacturing systems to maintain supply of exceptionally high quality, Low-Cost Ligands™ 16th November 2005

Ascent Scientific launches mGlu7 agonist - the first of its kind - to help research into anxiety disorders 11th October 2005

New company Ascent Scientific breaks all the rules to further research 26th September 2005

Production of receptor ligands and bioactive molecules begins at new facility, ahead of plan 24/06/05

Life science and pharmaceutical industries to benefit from launch of company 20/05/05

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